Our VITALIA® Scholars Program gives residents the opportunity to participate in college level courses that are oriented for Seniors, at no cost to them.  VITALIA® Scholars is included as part of the VITALIA® mission, which emphasizes learning and growth. This program is presented by local educational institutions including Baldwin Wallace University, Case Western Reserve University, Cuyahoga Community College, and Lakeland Community College.

“This is an opportunity for our residents to focus on long time interests or explore history or pop culture”, said Leah Gallas, Resident Services Director of VITALIA® Rockside.

The current online classes cover popular culture, current events, art, literature, and more. These courses feature the traditional classroom experience and often include interactive discussions with the teacher.  Residents can take individual classes in their apartments, online, in person, or with a group in the theatre.

Resident Service Directors at each community are continuously gathering ideas from residents and sharing them across every community to enhance the VITALIA® Scholars program.  Staff and residents within this program hope to also make their own classes and presentations to share their unique knowledge and personal experiences with others.  We are continuing to explore other programming options as well, which could further enhance VITALIA® Scholars for residents.

We have partnered with our consulting geriatrician, Dr. Susann Varano, MD, to bring a lecture series on “normal aging” to our residences. This is an expansion of a popular program Dr. Varano presented at one of our communities last year on healthy aging. The series will include discussions on cognition, mobility, sleep, and other wellness topics.

We have started conversations with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and are working to build a preferred partnership with the organization.  Although we are still in early conversations, this program could incorporate exhibits and archives into resident discussions around familiar music and its history.